I’ve not written a single word for a long time. I was busy with trying to fit the whole world into my orange luggage and move to another country. This time, I was alone to carry all by myself.

I moved to Madrid, Spain for a period. For now, my new home is Madrid (again:) ) ,and we can say, my new family is Spotahome . Ok, after the summary of what’s going on with my life, we can skip to the main topic.

Cocido Madrileño.

We went to lunch with colleagues and ate for 2.5 hours… Yes.. This is the Spanish way of having lunch.


Eat, laugh, drink, laugh,drink and eat eat eat… So here’s what you get when you order cocido in a restaurant in Spain.

Firstly, a big caldron of soup. It was like vermicelli soup. But it tastes far better for sure. Secondly, pickles. Yes, a bunch of very delicious pickles. Thirdly, chickpea and potatoes. Finally, a biiiiiig plate of meat. Pork, chicken, beef.. It was crazy.


I am not a food person, I don’t like eating much. But I felt like I was in a movie. A Spanish one. Everyone was talking, laughing,drinking. And everyone was so happy. Although most of the times I did not get even a word because they were speaking Spanish, I had so much fun.

If you know other popular dishes in Spain, please leave it as a comment or send me a message so I can try different things.





  1. everything looks lovely! the spanish left this tradition to us here in the philippines too. meals take forever but it is kind of nice. how is your spanish? i am trying to learn the language. any tips?


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