Perdersi: To get lost

I came here to find my real “self”. I came here to get lost and find my way again. I came here to redefine my life as I want. I came here to find what I like about myself. I know it sounds miserable but it’s not actually. It’s only surprising because every day I find out who I really want to be and with who I want to be. I still make plans, I still keep journals and I still have an agenda where I write every tiny detail. And I still make lists to make sure I remember everything.

As far as I know, I want to connect with people with good energy, I want to be with people that I learn something. It is necessary to grow. Also, I want to travel, to grow, to connect with good people, to see the places I read on books.

I will travel. Yes, I like traveling. It might sound soo nice and perfect for some of you. But it is not always nice and comfortable. Because I usually travel to run away. To run away from relationships, to run away from responsibilities, to run away from people I cannot easily say goodbye. Because eventually each travel is a goodbye and it makes the situation easier for me. Travels sometimes hurt you, sometimes feed you, sometimes break your heart. But in the end, you change. Isn’t this the whole thing we all try to achieve? To change.

Why do you travel? Leave it as a comment, please.


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